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Take that pointy thing out of my face!

# rafaelMARTINEZ

Hi, my name is rafael Martinez (aka rafael1138) and this is my presentation to the spider's web. (español aquí)

In my offline life, with studies in law, I dedicate a lot of time trying to understand the social activity in Venezuela and part of Latin America, as well to it internal legal system, to figure it out how to improvee the regulations for ecommerce, digital rights and automatization of the public administration.

In my online life, I'm such an asshole trolling musketeer, but in my defense, this only happens when I see injustices. (and millenial socialists)

So basically, I’m just a happy poor guy, who knows something about laws and computers.

Some of the things I did & do are:

Always looking for interesting ideas & projects, so If you want to contact me (spanish-english):

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Other links:

My Crazy Twitter (spanish+english)
My Amazing LinkedIn (I’m looking for a job boss!)
My “Gordo-Comunista” Extension for Firefox! inspired by @ChucoRZ who made the original one for Chrome
My Medium, here you can read my patchy articles.

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